Packing Service in Randallstown

Our Packing Service in Randallstown means you don’t have to try to find boxes, packing tape, packing materials, pads and everything else that it takes to safely and securely prepare your belongings for moving.

We will pack up your entire house for you with trained packers who can get your belongings safely boxed up in a fraction of the time it might take you to do it yourself. They’ll also be able to expertly and securely pack up fragile and valuable items, such as glass and artwork. Furniture disassembly.

We offer various packing services from a complete pack for peace of mind, or if you only have a small property or want to keep to a budget we can offer a full or half day packing service. If you would like to do your own packing please remember that we can supply boxes, tape, bubble wrap and packing paper at reasonable prices. We can usually pack your house 24hrs before the move minimising disruption in your house. All boxes and materials are provided, we can offer the materials for free as long as packing boxes are able to be collected within 7 days alternativley we can seel you the packing boxes at trade price if required longer.

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