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We take pride in how we select the beans for our roasts. All of our coffees are the single-origin, with the majority deriving from organic coffee cherries. Our focus is coffee, good quality coffee. We stand by being “the coffee lover’s choice. Sailor’s Brew Coffee… “The coffee lover’s choice.” We focus and emphasize on GREAT single-origin coffees.

Ethiopian Coffee in Pasadena CA. … This may be because Ethiopia is the only country in which coffee is wildly grown, which makes the flavor profile extremely diverse. African coffees are usually described as complex, fruity and floral. These are stronger, fragrant-rich and full-bodied flavors Coffee from Ethiopia is known for It’s brightly fruited and floral flavors.

Ethiopian Coffee in Pasadena CA is considered to be some of the best coffee in the world thanks to its high altitude growing conditions. … The Ethiopian coffee bean is steeped in a rich history of tradition and culture. Ethiopians have been coming together over coffee for centuries

Some benefits to love your best Ethiopian coffee

  • Serves To Help Fend Off Disease & Gives You Energy. …
  • Fat Can Be Melted Away
  • Coffee Can Act As A Brain Stimulant
  • The Risk Of Diabetes Is Reduced
  • Alzheimer’s Can Be Fended Off.

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If you do decide to purchase some for yourself or that special coffee connoisseur in your life,  consider yourself to be amongs very few who have had the luxury of enjoying a cup of Ethiopian Coffee in Pasadena CA!!! So let this brew, Sailor’s Brew Coffee, be your daily navigator…sailing you through the calm and rough seas of life.  Join the crew…Sailor’s Brew Coffee

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